People are what make the world go ‘round, and they’re what makes our AFC Urgent Care Hickory center so special. With us, you don’t need to worry about inexperienced medical providers that merely show up for the paycheck—our employees genuinely care for the well-being of each patient.

Read on to learn more about us and our team!

  • We don’t push people through the hospital system. Many urgent care centers, if they can’t fulfill a need, will just send a patient to the hospital. While this will generally take care of the issue(s), we’re well-aware that a trip to the hospital tends to cost a fortune. Instead, our AFC team refers patients to local physicians, which generally leads to the same quality yet more affordable care. Plus, we can get you into a specialty physician quickly, due to our healthy relationships with our local medial providers.
  • Our staff turnover rate is low, and we promote from within. Not only do we focus on providing quality care, but we focus on the well-being of our staff. Because of these things, we’re able to keep top-quality medical providers who are able to keep patients out of the ER. And, since our providers have been around for a while, they have personal relationships with referrals, which allows us to get you to the best specialists in a timely manner. Furthermore, you’ll continue to see the same faces at our AFC center, so you can become more comfortable getting the quality medical care you deserve.
  • We always have an MD available. This separates us from a lot of urgent care centers. While it is true that we don’t always have a doctor on-site, one will always be available to speak to virtually, which means that you can talk to a doctor.
  • We care about your quality of life outside our AFC center. Having fun in your day-to-day life is an important part of overall health. If you have kids, check out the Patrick Beaver Library, as they have story time every week. Also, we love baseball, so be sure to catch a Crawdads game sometime this summer!

We are passionate about providing quality care to our patients, and we’re also passionate about providing an environment that encourages our medical providers to be the best versions of themselves every day! Visit our AFC center today.